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It is often even more important to be able to talk to someone about your days, events, and the effects on you. Luckier, a friend, a family member, is at hand. But what if you don't ... you don't have much trouble, you don't want to go to any therapy ... or you don't have the money ... I offer you conversation / chat. No counseling, no therapy, I just listen if you want. Depending on the form of the conversation - videos / chatel, email - (face-to-face meetings are not possible due to the geographical distance), the interval and frequency will vary depending on your needs. I trust you how much this is worth. Invite me for a coffee, a cookie or a giant pizza.
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(Background info: Since I know my mind, I have been motivated to help / support people, children, families. not only do I feel motivated anymore, but I am able to provide support to those who ask.I am at the beginning of my studies to get an official certificate so I do not recommend therapy at all, but a supportive, attentive conversation. If you want to know even more about me, visit , where you can get to know me better.)

Image by Álvaro Serrano


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