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The Gift of the Earth

Maybe you think this post a slightly different from others ... But the body, the soul, the spirit are closely connected, affecting one another. So it DO matter what we are fed (in all areas)

Unfortunately, I have been blind so far ....

Do you know the 100% essential oil which external use only is NOT 100% pure? Do you know it is allowed by the law? Do you know instead of breath "health" maybe you breath toxic? Do you know it is not just with the essential oils, I could mention soap, bath, lotions, toothpaste, ... The question is how much does your life/health cost... Do you "eat" everything what media, pharmacy, ... offer you?

Essential oils - doTERRA

I am going to write an essential oil, or share a receipe for some condition, or some food. I would like start with hay-fever just because I was suffering from May till end of October every year. I got my test kit 2 weeks ago. It included lemon, lavender and peppermint. I put 1 drops from each into my palm, rub them, and inhale 3-4 times. Additional I put 2 drops from each into a tiny spoon of water and eat it. The result: I still feel some hay fever. If I put onto a scale of 10. It was 11 and it is 2 now. Maybe you can understand now why I felt in love with this product. This love just became stronger when I learned about the company and its belives and behaviour.

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