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Programms for Schools, Orphans and Organizations

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Magic Wand and Magic Word for Stardusts

Access Consciousness for children - based on Book of Possibilities
Duration: 1 hour
Price: GBP 6/ child or GBP 99/ event

Please get in touch for more details and  appointment.

Book of Possibilities for Carers, Teachers, Nurse, Voulenteers...

The Book of Possibility is an abbreviated version of the Access Bars Manual to provide possibility to introduse Access Bars into places such as hospitals, schools, orphanages, organizations.
You will able to give Access Bars session but won't be registered as an Access Bars Practitioner.
You are free to offer sessions for family, community, people who work with, without charge them.
Duration: 6 hours
Price: GBP 18 / person or 166/ event
Please get in touch for more details and appointment.

Access Bars

Access Bars Class

Learn the core Class of of Access Consciousness, Access Bars, a light touch therapy on head, which help to release stress, depression, give peace to your mind.
Get Certificate and become Access Bars Facilitator.
Support your family, your friend, neighboors with this great tool in theri everyday life.
Additional  to take part for free at any Gifting&Receiving Event, where you get your Bars run for free and you can run other Practitioners' Bars too and make new friendships.
Open possibilities for even a new career.
Duration: 8 hours
in person only
Price: GBP 340
Free for children with a paying adult

Please get in touch for appointment or book online

What else is Possible?

We are open any contribution, the possibilites are infinity. We are happy to discuss your needs.

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