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Rejection of Life

What does someone who refuses food in any form?

He rejects life.

Why does he reject life?

Because he thinks/ believes/ experienced that no one needs him. If no one needs he/ no one likes he... What should he live for. (I could write any autoimmune turns against him-self...why...) But by living you are already loved. It's time to LIVE your Life instead of suffering/self-punishment... It's time to see that the things that make you sad or disillusioned happen because you close yourself off from Life, because you don't think you're worthy of it... because your mother wanted to kill before you were born, your father left you, and all you heard in your childhood was that you're on others way , you're worthless, you're a loser, you're not capable of anything......and you believed / you believe still...because those who "love" you said/say it.... Believe me, you are a miracle. Believe me you are valuable. Believe me, you can do anything. Believe me, you are loved. Your parents, your family...they only gave you a framework for you to be born. You can exist through the energy of Love. The fact that you exist is the proof that you are possessed by Life/Existence. Let Life feed you, believe that it loves you, trust in it.❤

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