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It has probably happened with many of you that you had to light several candles on a birthday cake or at Christmas. The match burns out, the lighter burns our fingers - always mine - so we use the first lit candle to light the other candles. Today I lit candles (13 of them). The first one with a match and I started to light the others with the flame of the first one. There were times when the two wicks touched and the flame became thicker and bigger, even though only one wick was burning yet. Then it happened that the wick I lit first went out, but there were already quite a few burning wicks, so I used them to revive the "sleepers" and I used them to rekindle an extinguished candle. The flames burned more and more and flickered. When I was done and all the candlesticks were together, they seemed to burn steadily, with constant strength, and still.

The story of candles also describes our story...

We can share with each other our flame, by cooperating ("becoming one") we can shine with a bigger flame and help our partner rekindle his flame if he "lost it", just like candles....and you do not need to be a great Master.... you "just" need your light which is hiding inside you in your heart. 🙏❤

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