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12th of December, 2023
Access Bars Class
Edinburgh-North Berwick
details: Access Bars Class Event



Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better HEALTH, improved RELATIONSHIPS, less STRESS, esier STUDIES and so much more...

This modality also great support for ORGANIZATIONS, COMPANIES. Using  Access Bars sessions could create enchaned MOTIVATION, easier COMMUNICATION, greater PROBLEM SOLVING, CREATIVITY, better conflict resolution, more productive employee, PROFITABILITY and a place where good to work

d I f f E r E n t   WAY

Get the old way counselling, theories, add some new-age approaches, mix in some holistic solutions, shake them together and enjoy the results.

I have basic counselling certificates - growing ups and youth - , learned astrology, numerology, use essential oils and I am Access Bars Facilitator.

We use all of the available tools to find the way which suit for you to support you live your life in health with peaceful mind in joy.
First meeting is 1 hour, GBP 10, the following sessions' duration and price depend what kind of combination you choose.

ONLINE available too.

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personalised Essential Oil Blend

with doTERA - magical gift of Nature

100% pure, natural essential oils for Souls, Minds, and Body.
Beauty, health products for the whole family

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Children book

Adventures in the Land of Light

Erick is a 6-8 years old boy who visit a wonderful land on a magical night, what he learn that change his life.

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