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Do you love yourself?

It seems yesterday was only the beginning … there is a little series being born. It is also spreading light on something that I have not been completely aware of, until now. DON’T believe unconditionally anything and anyone. Examine the teachings of even the greatest gurus and test them with questions. Also … RE-WRITE your subconscious programs – even about LOVE.

“I cannot live without love. I am afraid. I am bitter and hopeless. I am suffocating. I feel cold. If there is a chance – I flee. Of course, sometimes it is not possible. So, one must stay. Still, I am in search of the proximity of those who love me and those whom I am also able to love. It might be only a couple of people. It’s a big thing these days.”

Péter Müller

Yes, we cannot live without love, most importantly without Self-love. When you love yourself, you are not dependent on other people loving you.

One question only:

Do you love YOURSELF?

Let us pan out about this:

Do you accept YOURSELF?

When you stand in front of the mirror, are you saying, “You are wonderful”?

(Or, “what’s with my hair again, these wrinkles are ugly, I hate my thick thighs”)

Do you allow it to YOURSELF?

When you would like to rest, are you saying, “Of course, I deserve it”?

When you would like to paint, write, dance, are you saying, “Yes, I am doing it”?

(Or, “my parents would think it’s stupid … even the old lady next door said I was a gimp”)

Do you believe in YOURSELF?

When you want to run a half marathon, are you saying, “Yes, I can do it”?

(Or, “even my husband said it requires great strength, it’s not for me, … or similarly, even my mum said self-employment is not for me…)

Do you punish YOURSELF?

When you are offered a weekend as a reward and you could pamper yourself, do you accept it?

(Or, “thank you but I need to work, I already promised a friend to help paint her house…)

The world can only love you as much as you allow it, as much as you deem yourself worthy of it. Start seeing yourself, start accepting yourself, start loving yourself because you came to this Earth to EXPERIENCE. You were born for HAPPINNESS, you are a PERFECT being.

“We are magical, special, unique and beautiful like YOU.

Like YOU, we are holding deep inside the secret of a miracle.

There is a unique seed, a Dandelion seed, in us.”

Why is it so special and magical?

“Dandelion is the symbol of freedom; the Creator blows it where he wants to see it grow.”

Can you see it now? YOU and I are alike, we are one. You and I have wonderful strength. YOU and I, we are the Miracle itself!”

with Love A

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

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