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Acces Consciousness, Access Bars in Business

Stress is a reality we all face, but what if stress didn’t have to be the overarching layer in your organization? What if opportunities and possibilities surpassed problems? What if all it took was a shift in perspective to increase productivity and even profitability?

Access Bars® in Business invites you to look at your company differently by using powerful questions to rewire focus and empower the individual to tap into their own internal compass and skyrocket their ability to problem solve and deal with everyday office stressors.


Access Bars in business is being used by many companies around the world to:

  • Improve morale and well-being in your organisation

  • Improve profitability and productivity

  • Create a more relaxed and creative workplace

Empower your workforce with tools to change a situation from stress to empowerment

Access Bars in Business is a series of wellness programs that incorporates the dynamic Access Bars, a 30-60 minute light touch technique on the head that has similar effects to meditation. It provides deep relaxation, which can increase performance optimization and also prevent burnouts.
The Access Bars quiets a racing mind, reduces stress, and gives the brain a replenishing space. This space encourages creativity, an increase in productivity, and the ability to harness one’s intuition and attention

​Beside the Access Bars session we have specialised programmes for management, sales and marketing, communication and book of possibilities.

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