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Ember vagyok, új élet, új utas,
Ki azt hiszi, friss titkokat kutat,
S szűz ösvényt tör. Ám bennem csöndesen
Ezernyi ős mozgás jár vén utat.

Sok régi ritmus, sűrű és borús
Zajlás a test titkos mélyeiben,
Távol a fénytől s mégis biztosan,
Hibátlanul. S ős híreket izen.

Ó, jaj, ki tudja, hány bús ükapám
Testében élt már ez az idegen
Világ, mely fáradt gesztusok felé
Lankasztja lázadozó idegem.

Mosolyognék egy boldog, új mosolyt,
De a szivem bíbor öbleiből
- Sejt sejtnek adja - csöndesen remeg
Szememig a holt könnyek vödre föl.

Dacolnék új, szép daccal, ám kevély
Szájam körül már gyáva gödröt ás,
Szelíd barázdát, halavány mosolyt
Valami ősi meghunyászkodás.

Én régi, régi jobbágy-őseim,
Hát éltek még? Jaj, hány rossz éven át
Vonszolja még a csüggeteg utód
Sötét parancsok konok csapatát?

Vagy kába álom minden szabad út,
És nem is lehet újat kezdeni?
S csak egy parancs van a földön örök:
Dolgozni s új rabszolgát nemzeni?

Én nem hiszem. Van kicsi gyermekem
Énnékem is! Hátha az ősi sejt
Őbenne tisztul dús örömre, és
Minden homályos, vén bút elfelejt!

Ó, hátha jő a tiszták s boldogok
Szűz birodalma, a szebb, új világ,
S dallá dobognak a szivekben a
Bús, fáradt ritmusok, a holt apák!



Image by Kunal Shinde

...tudod csak idő kérdése - ha a szellem vágyik valamire , a test megteszi ...

(Dékány N. Péter)

"A lélek azt akarja, hogy minden rendbe jöjjön,  és minden pozitívan összhangban legyen mindennel."

(Bert Hellinger)

Hajnalka Csillag.jpg


Tale of 8 brothers and sisters

The eight brothers and sisters met on a spring afternoon. It was April, and Easter was approaching.


Lilly is a wild child with mischief and playfulness in her eyes. Her curls are freely flowing at her shoulders, her skirt is dancing around her all the time. When she is walking, it is as if she was on a stage. Graceful and playful, alluring and innocent at the same time. She loves to play, laugh, dance and sing. Sparkling jewellery, beautiful clothes and lipsticks are all part of the play. A play that is wondrous, magical and never ending, where the heart carries a smile, the lips give out a giggle because we found and keep each other in our hearts forever.


Emma is a gorgeous, tall girl, with waist-length brown hair.

She loves to ride her bike, and when she does, the spring breeze is caressing her hair in the glittering sunlight. She is not in a hurry. She simply loves her bike. She adores the touch of  sunshine on her face, the air filled with the scent of sea breeze, the flowers and trees by the road, the bunnies and squirrels jumping out of the bushes, and the owl swishing past above her head. She cherishes the drifting clouds in the sky, the colours of the rainbow, and the dance of snowflakes.

She loves every minute of her life. She just goes on ... not even knowing where she’ll turn up next. Sometimes she takes a turn to the right, then to the left, or she goes uphill. There are so many interesting places waiting to be explored, the world is so full of wonder. Nobody can take away her happiness and love of life. When you are with her, her charm, filled with kindness and smiles, is contagious. It stays with you because you carry it in your heart, no matter what happens.


He is a beautiful, lively child, always full of smiles. He’s the apple of his mother’s eye. The sunshine of the family. His eyes spark with happiness as the sunlight plays with his golden hair. He never rests, he is always curious, inquiring, exploring, never stopping even for a minute. He is full of gentleness, kindness, courage, faith and gratefulness. He lacks nothing, he can do anything, nothing is impossible for him because God is with him.


(Tale of the Morning Star)

Perhaps many people are aware that the Morning Star is in fact the planet Venus.

There was a girl who looked upon it as her own star. She loved it so much that Morning Star decided to embark on a long journey to Earth so she could meet the girl there, as a child herself.

Along the way however, she had to realize that she just couldn’t leave the wanderers on earth, and the seafarers on the seas, alone. Thus, she decided to split into two. A part of her continued her journey to her parents-to-be, so she could greet them with the golden rays of the awakening Sun.

The other part of her turned back and stayed in the night sky to help the roamers on earth, water and sky – among them her newborn sister, Aurora and her parents.

They never forgot about their parting and they knew: even though their other half is far away, they’re there for each other, and they can count on each other - up in the Sky, and below on Earth.


Leaving behind her noble home and her wings, she set out to accomplish her mission, that she had embarked upon, together with her brothers and sisters.

The waves of the sea are dancing in her hair as the Sun’s rays caress her locks that come down to her shoulders.The infinite is looking at you through her eyes. Her smile steals your heart. She walks with grace and ease, emanating grandness and firmness of character. A fire is burning in her heart that can warm, but also burn and devastate you - however always in service to life itself.

If need be, she is ready to sacrifice herself for you, but as a good guardian angel, she pushes you into the deepest abyss when necessary. She loves you gently as well as with passion, for eternity, but you cannot chain her to yourself. She was born to be free, to carry the Light with the help of her wings to Earth, to offer the key to a wonderland and to open hearts.

Light and magic accompany her, and she is never alone.


When you see him approaching, when he looks at you, your heart trembles with anticipation.

When you smell his fragrance, feel his touch, a sweet shudder pierces you.

When you rest your head on his shoulder, when his arms gently embrace you, you know that you are safe.

His kiss is passionate, his arms are strong, when you are with him, pleasure awaits you.

He protects you, he supports you, he holds you. He is wise and magnificent.

With him you are one, with him you are whole, with him you are your creative Self.


He is there in the Sunbeams, in the light of the Moon and Stars, he is there in the Breeze, in the Waves, in the Raindrop running down your cheek.

He teaches you – with Patience, with Love and Wisdom.

He always asks the right questions, he knows when to speak and when to be silent.

He does not judge you, and he does not lecture you. He is just simply there, with you. If you ask him, he’ll hold your hand and if you need it, he will hug you.

HE SEES YOU, he sees who You are and LOVES you.

The eight brothers and sisters arrived with a mission. For others, it would have been an unsolvable, unaccomplishable task, but the eight of them together were born for it, and had everything in themselves to be succesful. Their united power could work wonders.

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