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What if ....?

As a child, I looked on as my parents were fighting their own childhood demons. They tried to break free, to live differently from what an alcoholic Father and a hardened Mother had shown them. Theirs was an unmatched and temporary success, if we consider that alcoholism, illness and cancer finally caught up with them.

When I turned 40, I realised that I’d simply not been present in my own life since my early childhood. I don’t remember what had led me to completely give up Myself, and to live like a robot, trying to comply with the expectations of my environment. Not even remembering my childhood.

It is an accepted fact that childhood is determinative in everyone’s life. Problems in adulthood: aggression, illnesses, addiction, all these have their roots in childhood (says Dr Gabor Mate).

Parents, teachers, relatives, shcoolmates, and even a program can be experiences that influence us.

As adults, we end up not knowing what is going on.

What if, already as children we were given a magical recipe that helps us growing up as balanced, confident people who know, respect and accept themselves, and don’t have to search for issues in their twenties, thirties or forties? What if, when we reach adulthood, we would have learned from stories and tales the basic truths, usable techniques, we would know ourselves, that we are in control of our lives, and that we were born to experience happiness walking our path, on Earth.

What if, through this, the number of illnesses, crimes, addictions, and people needing rehabilitation would decrease?

I think it sounds good ... shall we try it?

Our children are the future. They are the seeds. Let them grow into beautiful flowers, bathing in sunlight, drinking rainwater, feeling the caress of the breeze and having roots in the earth, looking up at the starry sky at night, knowing that all is well.

I believe that Magic abounds in everyone, I believe that it needs to be known and re-discovered by everyone. I believe that the necessary information and knowledge should be available to all.

Out of the tales, sand animations are born, and I am planning to establish children’s circles where children can get to know the many miracles that they carry within themselves.


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